ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


St. Henry’s Catholic Church

Watertown, WI

Listing of Cemetery Interments


Listing of veterans buried in parish cemetery


Links to four-part cemetery interment file:


Adams - Hagemeister 

Hahn - Loeffler 

Loukota - Rothman 

Rothschadl - Zwarra 


Experimental file, cemetery layout, southwest section



In the summer of 2003 a non-resident non-parishioner did a walk-through of St. Henry’s Cemetery, took pictures of all tombstones, and recorded the inscribed tombstone names and dates. 


This file is accompanied with the following qualifications:


The file is far from complete as some tombstones no longer exist.  Of those tombstones in the cemetery, a good number simply cannot be read.


Many transcription errors are certain to be found in this file.


The section numbers assigned during the walk-through are not the section numbers used by the parish.


Yet this file is added to the website as it the only computer file of interments that exists at this time.


I will be using this file as a worksheet, updating and correcting it, and adding enhancements such as links to obits as best I can over time. 


Ken Riedl / Webmaster




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History of Watertown, Wisconsin