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School Children Will Entertain

1915 Graduation Exercise

Watertown Daily Times, 06 08 1915

St. Henry’s Pupils to Be Seen in Theatricals


Many Students to Take Part


Entertainment Will Be Staged on

Monday and Friday, June 14 and 18

To Render Musical Program


Pupils of St. Henry’s school will prelude their closing exercises with theatricals in St. Henry’s hall on Monday, June 14, and again on Friday, June 18.  A diversified program has been arranged and includes the following:


         Centennial March

                       Piano, Harriette Lange, clarinet, Earl Dowd


         Chorus, “Lead Kindly Light”

                       Mrs. C. A. Feisst, accompanist


         Children’s Symphony

                       Piano, Ethel Block, Ermine David;  cuckoo, Florence Molzahn; triangle, Bernadette  Scheiber; castanets, Helen Breunig; tubephone, H. Lange; quail, Sylvia Mutchler; nightingale, Josephine  Mutchler    wood devil, Leona Kellermann;  rattles, Irene Hrobsky,  Lydia Klecker; tambourines, H. Lange, Lorette Halfpap; Clarinet, Earl Dowd;  Mandolins, Mary Kreuziger, John Little; violin, Herbert Boelter.


          “Welcome of the Flowers:

                       Little Girls


“Good for Something:

                       Primary Boys



                       Piano, Ethel Block, violin, Herbert Boelter


         The Mirror Drill

                       Girls of Intermediate Grades



                        Wen zwei dasselbe thun


                                  Mary Kreuziger


         Recitation,  Saved”



         Grand Galop de Concert

                       Piano, Misses Loretta and Bernadette Scheiber


         The Boys of ‘76, a patriotic orperetta in two acts. Cast of Characters:

      General Putman -------- Lawrence Scheiber

      Colonel Slocum -------- John Little

      Major Sniffin, of his Majesty’s Guard -------- John Hoefler

      Joe Mason, a young patriot -------- Earl Dowd

      Hans Schneider, a young Hessian Soldier -------- Andrew Hertel

      Simple Peter, the village dolt -------- Edwin Kehr


      The Boys of ’76 -------- Gerald Molzahn, Michael Richter, Joseph Mueller, George Little, Carl Hertel, Alois Fendt, Harry Davenport, Donald Kehr, Clarence Seibel, Otto Rentz, Raymond Simon, Cyril Feisst, William Miller, Joseph  Oestreicher, Earl Blaesius, Joseph Brandenburg.


      Hessian Soldiers -------- Clarence Koser, Mark Koser, Clarence Wetter, Merle Halverson, Joseph Fransis, Urban Hrobsky, Fred Klecker, Joseph Richter, Fred Kowalsky, Norbert Klecker, Clarence Pitterle, Joseph Nistler, Sylvester Richter.


      Act I ---- Monologue, “The Baldheaded Man” -------- Ethel Block.


      Act II ----  Call Me Back” -------- Piano; Harriette Lange; clarinet, Earl Dowd.


      Tableau -------- “Queen of Angels” -------- Queen, Helen Kreuziger


      Angels -------- Leona Kellermann, Lorette Halfpap, Gertrude Euper, Marie Dowd, Norma Oestreicher, Dolores Scheblak, Irene Kowalsky, Bernadette Lange, Lillian Dittmann, Mary Kaercher, Florence Koser, Gertrude Matter, Irene Molzahn, Margaret Motl, Mary Nistler, Gertrude Richter, Leona Meitner.