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William Spear


Spear, William W., b. May 16, 1881, d. Sep 16, 1961

Spear, Amanda M., b. Aug 20, 1886, d. Mar 10, 1973

Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery  


Lived at 122 N. Washington



Occupation:  Teaming contractor



08 27       SPEAR – ROTH  /  MARRIED

William Spear of this city and Miss Amanda Roth of Reeseville were married at the home of the bride’s parents at the latter place at 10 o’clock on Saturday morning, August 21, 1909, by Rev. C. J. Walenta.  James R. Spear, brother of the groom, and Miss Ella Roth, sister of the bride, attended them.  They will make their home at 202 North Washington Street, this city.  The groom is a son of James Spear, formerly proprietor of the American House.  He is one of Watertown’s most popular young men, and enters married life with the good wishes of all who know him.  His bride has made her home in Watertown for several years past.  She is a daughter of Adolph Roth and wife of Reeseville, and like her husband is popular with a large acquaintance.  The Gazette joins their many friends in extending hearty congratulations.   WG




Monday evening shortly after six o'clock William Spear locked his home at 202 North Washington Street and went to the Junction to meet his wife, who came on the 6:22 train from Reeseville.  He was scarcely off the premises when it was entered by burglars, and $17 in money, a gold watch and a pin worth $30 and a new pair of Mr. Spear's gloves were taken.  On the way back from the Junction Mr. and Mrs. Spear visited at a relatives' home for a short time and on reaching home at about 8 o'clock found every bed in the house turned over, and the contents of every bureau drawer scattered around the rooms.  Neighbors saw light in the house after Mr. Spear left, but supposed Mrs. Hafemeister, sister of Mrs. Spear, was in the house and paid no attention to it.  At 7:30 o'clock, Edward Schultz, who lives across the street from Mr. Spear, says he saw a man leave the house, but supposed it was Mr. Spear.    WG    [Link to full citation]  



Occupation:  Trucking



Occupation:  Deputy Sheriff, Dodge County





   M/M William Spear (Amanda Roth)

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