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Miss Emma Schultz

1873 – 1905


John G. Traeumer

-        1905

Schulz, Emma, b. Feb 28, 1873, d. Sep 12, 1905, Sec 21


Watertown Gazette, 09 15 1905 [Article includes pic]



The Body of Miss Emma Schultz Found in Rock River


A Peculiar Case That May Develop Startling Testimony


An Inquest Now Being Held


The body of Miss Emma Schultz, daughter of Louis Schultz and wife, residents in Madison Street, this city, was found floating in Rock River just east of the Lutheran Home for Feeble-Minded at about 8:30 o’clock Thursday a. m. Wednesday evening


She went boat riding with “Hans” Traeumer, son of Major George P. Traeumer.  The boat was found half full of water near where the body of Miss Schultz was found.  The whereabouts of Mr. Traeumer is at this writing unknown.  Some are inclined to the belief that his body will be found in the river, but others think he has “skipped out.” 


The circumstances surrounding the case are peculiar, and there is a possibility that Miss Schultz met her death by foul means.  She was 30 years of age and has always born an excellent reputation. 


At this writing an inquest is being held, and some startling testimony may be developed.  The body was found by Major Traeumer and Ed. Gloger, who went on a search along the river, knowing the couple to have gone boat riding the previous night.


Is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery



The Mystery of the Drowning of Miss Emma Schulz Solved


A Very Sad Case

Watertown Gazette, 09 22 1905 [Article includes pic]


Thirteen certainly proved an unlucky number for two of Watertown’s best known families, when on the evening of the 13th inst. John G. Traeumer, son of Major George P. Traeumer and wife, and Miss Emma Schulz, daughter of Louis Schulz and wife, went boat riding in Rock river in the full enjoyment of life and by the capsizing of their boat, were drowned on the north shore of Rock River where it flows west of Second Street bridge, about two-thirds the distance from that bridge to the Silver Creek bridge.  The following morning the young lady’s body was found in the river at that point, and her companion’s whereabouts not being known for several days, it led to many uncalled-for and uncharitable remarks, but on Sunday morning when his body was found in the river at about the same place, a sigh of relief was felt on all sides and those who  a short time before might be heard making severe remarks joined with the multitude in extending sympathy to the families of the dead ones, and in regretting that so sad an accident occurred within the limits of our fair city.  Mr. Traeumer’s body was found Sunday morning at about 8 o’clock by Ed. Gloger and Bob Sell and was taken from the river by Henry Traeumer, a brother of the deceased.  Dynamite had been exploded the previous afternoon in the vicinity where the body was found, and it is supposed this raised it to the surface.


Miss Schulz’s funeral was held Sunday afternoon from her late home to St. Mark’s Lutheran church and her remains were interred in Oak Hill cemetery.  The remains of Mr. Traeumer were taken to Milwaukee on Monday and interred in Rose Hill cemetery.


The district attorney of Dodge County did not consider it necessary to hold and inquest over the remains of Mr. Traeumer and the inquest over the remains of Miss Schulz set for the 27th inst., will probably be dropped also.


This is one of the saddest accidents that has ever occurred here, and when the final outcome became known, the charitable and sympathetic impulses of our people so generally manifest was indeed edifying, and the afflicted families share the heartfelt sympathy of all our people in their sadness.



Watertown Republican, 09 20 1905


One of the saddest accidents that has happened in this city for a long time occurred Wednesday evening, in the drowning of Miss Emma Schultz and Mr. John Traeumer, both of this city, in the Rock river near the island opposite the Home for the Feeble Minded, by the capsizing, it is supposed, of the boat in which they were rowing, whether by collision or the boat running into a stump below the surface of the water will probably never be known. . . .  The county attorney of Dodge county in which county the sad accident occurred, having decided that an inquest was unnecessary, as there was no doubt but the young people met their untimely deaths by an accident.





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