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John B Richards

1875 - 1906


10 13 1906


A sad and horrifying fatality occurred yesterday morning on the C., M. & St. Paul Railway tracks. This time the victim of the awful catastrophe was John Richards, a well known and highly respected citizen of this city. The accident which resulted in instant death happened on the above named road, between the Ninth and Tenth street crossings.


The deceased had left his home in good spirits, being in a happy frame of mind. He was on his way to work for Frank Cowen on culvert work just outside the city and was about to join a crew at the Third street railway crossing. He was carrying his dinner pail in one hand, not realizing that death was so near and that in an instant life would be crushed out by the oncoming fast limited from behind.


The supposition is that Mr. Richards was walking along thinking of his work and possibly of the dear ones he had left so recently at his home.


Mrs. Fred Haack, who resides in the vicinity of where the accident occurred, was an eye witness to the awful accident. The lady, who was driving a cow to the pasture at the time, states that Mr. Richards was walking along between the tracks.  She saw the approaching limited and adds that the victim turned and looked around and observed the train.  Instead of stepping on to the empty track he moved over directly in front of the oncoming train only to be hurled there from to his death.


Mr. Richards was struck on the head, causing instant death. The deceased was the son of the late Moses F. Richards and was born here, thirty-one years ago. He is survived by his wife and two children ...


Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery




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