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Young Married Ladies' Ride

Inaugurated 1883


02 21 1898


The observance of a time-honored social function of the city last Wednesday afternoon caused our principal thoroughfares to resound with the convivial music of tinhorns and cowbells and the merry peals of feminine laughter. Until the true import of the affair was generally known, this disturbance of the customary quiet pervading of our peaceful community somewhat startled the natives, and doorways and windows along Main Street were crowded with pairs of amazed eyes and "rubber necks" as the mirthful galaxy sped by the occasion was the "Young Married Ladies' Ride," a winter fete inaugurated fifteen years ago and observed annually ever since.


The first ride was participated in by the then brides of the city, with a few young lady friends, and this set has continued the custom, adding new participants as the years rolled by.


Last Wednesday's party was an exceptionally gay one and the turnouts were becomingly bedecked with bright ribbons and streamers. In their rounds the ladies paid their particular respects to the local newspaper offices, serenading each one.


After the ride the company was entertained at 5 o'clock tea by Mrs. Anna Sleeper.




No 1:  “Young Love,” essay by Watertown historian Ben Feld