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Woodard & Randall




Manny Reaper and Mower

Watertown Democrat, 05 11 1865


The celebrated Reaping and Mowing Machine invented and improved by John H. Manny [ Cross reference:  Wikipedia ]now ranks among the best and most useful agricultural implements in the world.  It has been long and extensively tried and given entire satisfaction to those who have tested its merits.  In the west labor saving machines are absolutely necessary in order to harvest the broad grain fields that cover our prairies.  Those which do the work the easiest, most rapidly and thoroughly should always be preferred.  The Manny Reaper and Mower is now admitted to be without a superior and to fully answer all the purposes for which it is intended.  Mr. D. J. Woodard is the agent for this city and those wishing to purchase can obtain from him all desirable information.




1866-67 Watertown City Directory





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