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Wisconsin Dairymenís Association

est, 1872



The Wisconsin Dairymenís Association, organized in Watertown on February 15, 1872 was originally a Jefferson county organization, being the direct outgrowth of the old Jefferson County Dairymenís Association


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The Wisconsin Dairymen's Association originated in a resolution offered in the Jefferson County Dairymen's Association, Jan. 26, 1872, to issue a call for a meeting of Wisconsin dairymen, to be held at Watertown, Feb. 15, 1872. A few gentlemen met and organized the Wisconsin Dairymen's Association. The aim of the organization has been to secure improved methods of making butter and cheese and the best markets for shipment and sale. The association holds its annual meeting in January of each year for the discussion of the dairy interests. Dairy fairs are held at each meeting. There is printed annually by the State printer 2,000 copies of the transactions of the association. The Legislature receives 600 copies, the State Historical Society, Academy of Sciences, Art and Letters, State Agricultural Society and Northern Wisconsin Agricultural Association receive forty copies each; the remainder are distributed to the members of the association and generally over the State to all who make application for them. The association receives its support from members who join each year, paying the sum of $1, and by appropriations from the State. Wisconsin won first premium on butter in competition with the world; the second premium on Cheddar cheese (the first going to Canada), and the second on fancy shaped cheese at the International Dairy Fair, held in New York city in December, 1877. To the Dairyman's Association belongs the credit of raising the reputation of Wisconsin cheese and butter from the lowest to the highest rank.


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Economic History of Wisconsin During the Civil War Decade, by Frederick Merk

Wisconsin Dairymen's Association


Definition: "This association was organized Feb. 15, 1872, at Watertown, by seven men ó Chester Hagen, Lagoda; H. S. Dousman, Waukesha county; Stephen and Alpheus D. Faville and H. C. Drake, all of Lake Mills; Walter S. Green of Milford, and W. D. Hoard of Fort Atkinson. The association aimed directly at the improvement of dairy products and the promotion along safe lines of the dairy industry. In 1872 there were but 40 cheese factories in the state; now there are 2,000; then, there were no creameries; now there are more than 1,000, besides hundreds of private creameries; then the value of the annual dairy product did not exceed $1,000,000; now it is upward of $55,000,000."


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