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Wilkes Auto Service Station

311 Market Street


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Wilkes Auto Service Station




No. 311 Market Street; Telephone 373-Y


Best of Service Agency for Paige, Saxon, Allen and King Cars


Has the only exclusive service station in the city at 311 Market Street, occupying the Krueger brick building. 24x65, the front part being two floors. and rear part one story while a new addition, 24x65, adjoining on east side, was built and finished by October 15, making the garage capacity twice. as large as at present with facilities for handling forty cars and this garage is well patronized in that line by the local and outside trade, including people from the neighboring towns and cities within a radius of 100 to 150 miles as far as Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and other cities.


This garage also carries a good stock of supplies including a full line of the Ford accessories; also gasoline, lubricating oils and greases, pneumatic tires in all sizes and some of the best makes while auto parts can be furnished to order for any make of cars handled.


All kinds of automobile repairing are done to order, keeping a full stock of repairs on hand and experienced hands are employed having a good repair trade both in city and country.


This garage has also the agency for the Paige, Saxon, Allen and King cars - all good makes. The Paige cars of Detroit carry from three to seven passengers, being equipped with six cylinders; also electric lights and starters with prices from $1295 to $1400, while the Saxon cars of Detroit are sold from $395 to $815, carrying from two to five passengers and are equipped with electric lights and starters, using four cylinders for their two passenger cars and six cylinders for three and five passenger.


A demonstrating car of each make is usually on hand while catalogues are sent on request. Mr. J. B. Wilkes has the agency for these cars for several townships in Dodge and Jefferson counties and reports quite a number of sales this season and since the business commenced last April it has been steadily growing in all lines.


From Watertown and Jefferson County Trade Review, Dec 1916




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