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Watertown Dye Works

207 N Second Street

104 E Main Street


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11 09       The proprietors of the Watertown Dye Works are now ready for business and invite the public when in need of any work in their line to give them a call.  They have a well equipped dye works at the west end of Cady Street bridge and offices at 207 North Second Street.  William Bergen, an old Richwood boy, is manager, and P. Davy, of Madison, is proprietor.  Both are experienced and honorable men and our people will find that work entrusted to them will be turned out in a first class manner.   WG


11 30       Watertown Dye Works.  207 North Second Street.  Telephone 488-x.

Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressing and Repairing.

Have your old suit cleaned and pressed and make it look like new.

William Bergen, Manager.   WG



1912c, 104 E Main, night view



1913, 104 E Main, dyers & scourers



01 15       Watertown Dye Works, 104 Main Street, Cleaners and Dyers.

We clean and dye white kid gloves and shoes, ostrich and willow plumes, corsets and sweaters.  In fact, anything you may have to be changed in color or matched in color.  Out of town orders receive our prompt attention.  Telephone 294-x      WG



1925, 104 E Main




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