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Twilight Club



09 24       To the Members of the Twilight Club.

Watertown, Wis., Sept. 22, 1914.

Dear Sir:


You have, no doubt, often heard the remark that the Twilight Club has not accomplished anything, all they do is talk and eat.  The intention of the Twilight Club is not to build club houses, gymnasiums, high schools, etc., or to finance any enterprise, but to give every business man, professional man or any other citizens a chance to talk about questions of general interest, to exchange views on such topics and to make suggestions for the betterment, improvement and the general welfare of our city.  And the Twilight Club has become a power along these lines and many of such improvements have originated in and have been advocated by the Twilight Club.


Its members therefore realize, that with active and efficient officers, much more can be done during the coming season, providing large attendance can be had at the meetings.  It is an honor to be an officer of such an organization.  The undersigned Committee has been instructed to select the best available material for such officers and the enclosed tickets are the result of their labors.


If your name appears on one of these tickets, go right out and hustle, convince every friend of yours that you are the right man for that office, that you will do your best to fulfill the duties of that office, that you must have their vote to be elected in this friendly contest.  And be sure and get their promise to attend the next meeting, rain or shine, and to bring out every member to this election.  The other candidates will hustle, are you going to stay back?  Are you going to be beaten?  You know you are a good man, so go out and win.


With best regards and wishes for success,




M. H. GAEBLER.              Watertown Gazette




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