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Watertown Public School Teachers



Watertown Public School Teachers, c1900

Standing, l to r:   Katherine Brasky, Anna Holland, Leona Steinmann, Ella Sipp

Seated, l to r:   Mamie Stacy, Mary Crangle, Emma Wittchow

Mary Crangle was principal at Lincoln School for many years

Cross References:

Above is assumed to be Lincoln School and its teachers of as the background matches perfectly with an image known to be that of Lincoln.


Lincoln School, 1926, background of two images is a match               WHS_005_969


A 1910 article contained all seven names of the teachers shown in the first image:

Lincoln School Teachers Entertain

Watertown Gazette, 02 25 1910


Last Monday evening the teachers of Lincoln School entertained the teachers of the public schools of this city and members of the school board at the new Lincoln School in a very hospitable manner.  The entertainment was certainly a very cordial housewarming, and all present enjoyed themselves thoroughly; being the eve of Washington’s birthday, the school was decorated very prettily in honor of the event, the national colors predominating. 


The upper hallway was converted into a reception room, and the teachers of the school here graciously received their guests, after which they were ushered to the vacant room in the southwest corner of the upper story, which was fitted out in gorgeous decorations, and settees, easy chairs and tables gave it a very home-like appearance, and for an hour or more the teachers and school board whiled the time away pleasantly in social converse. 


At 10:30 o’clock, Miss Mamie Stacy, presiding at the piano, struck up the grand march and two by two those present formed in line and marched to the domestic science room in the basement which was arranged for dining purposes.  Here each one was obliged to find his own place at the table, by scanning the favors placed at the settings, each favor having the name of a guest written thereon.  The favors consisted of paper hatchets decorated with red. white and blue ribbon. 


The menu was excellently prepared, and was as follows:


Ham Sandwiches

Peanut Sandwiches

Potato Chips


Salted Almonds

Fruit Salad



Ice Cream



The luncheon was served in three courses by the Misses Hildegarte Zeitler, Ida Maas, Ella Wolf, Mathilda Griesbach, Leona Gest, Gladys Evans, Laura Riebe, Verna Glaser, Doris Schultze, Mary Wallace and Meta Huebner.  While seated at the tables after luncheon the guests indulged in a guessing contest, and it being difficult to solve who were entitled to the prizes, counting down was resorted to, and Miss Marie Killian and Mrs. Chas Frey proved the winners, the former being given a picture of George Washington and the latter one of Abraham Lincoln. 


Supt W. P. Roseman then thanked the teachers of Lincoln School on behalf of their guests for the delightful entertainment furnished and wished them all kinds of happiness in their new school.  All then ascended to the second story of the building, where an hour was passed in music, dancing and social chat, Miss Mamie Stacy presiding at the piano during the terpsichorian part of the program.


Those present were:  Messrs and Mesdames W. P. Roseman, B. E. McCormick, J. W. Martindill, J. W. Moore, C. E. Frey, F. B. Weber, C. R. Feld, Messrs. W. F. Voss, L. W. Wright, John Stuckert, Irving Kichner; Misses Marie Killian, Lillian Pomeroy, Margaret Donovan, Edna Voss, Louise Jaeger, Sophie Koehler, Anna Goecke, Matie Moran, Ida Barganz, Catherine Ryan, Mary Weise, Teckla Krebs, Alina Kirchoff, Anna Youngquist, Myrtle Huber, Lillian Habhegger, Mary Crangle, Ella Sipp, Leona Steinmann, Catherine Brasky, Emma Wittchow, Mamie Stacy, Anna Holland, Olive Gesley.


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