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Stube Floral Shop



01 29 Old Scheme Worked to Rob

Last Thursday evening two slick thieves worked the old scheme of getting the clerks in Stube's Floral Store out of the store by telephone and then tapped the till of $23. One of the clerks was called to a fictitious address in 5th Street, [by] a Mr. Clark, who wanted to buy cut flowers, and while he was seeking the man, the other clerk was called by telephone to the Gamm Crockery Store, the messenger saying a man wished to talk to her, that he could not get the Stube phone that it must be out of order. The ruse worked like a charm. The same day two fellows tried to work the same game at Baumann's Candy Store in West Main Street, but too many people were in the store to carry out their plans. Quite a few places in the state have been worked this winter by that game.




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