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100 Years Ago Nov. 13, 1906

An ordinance should be passed by the common council making it a misdemeanor to purposely injure, maim or kill a squirrel within the limits of the city.  The few that there are in the city are becoming tame and many of our citizens are feeding and making pets of them and it is an outrage to wantingly kill the beautiful little things.  On Sunday last, a young lad heartlessly killed four with an air gun, taking advantage of their tameness to slaughter them, much to the sorrow of the good people in the neighborhood who had become attached to the little innocent creatures.  And then it is a delight to the children to watch the squirrels playing in the trees in the city and chattering to them as they approach the trees.  A fine of at least $5, should be imposed for the injuring, maiming or killing one of the little pets intentionally.



50 Years Ago Aug. 25, 1965

In recent months reports of several white squirrels being seen within the city have been received.  This morning two Watertown boys, Steve Allerman, 14, of 106 College Street, and Dennis Berg, 11, of 110 Riverlawn Avenue, spotted such an albino squirrel. Earlier this summer a pair of white squirrels was reported in the South Sixth Street area.  The little animal was scampering about in the 600 block of South Sixth Street, the boys reported.  The boys were returning to their homes after buying a supply of pigeon feed at the Rindfleisch Hatchery Farm Store in Milwaukee Street when they spotted the squirrel.  It was the first white one they had ever seen.





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