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Doctors Sleicher and Rosenburg

12 29 1904


Dr. James M. Sleicher has disposed of his large practice here to Dr. A. Rosenburg, of Oak Park, M., who has arrived in this city, and has already taken charge of the business at 102 Main Street.


Dr. Sleicher and family will leave here in about ten days for Louisville, Ky., where they will remain for the winter, it being the doctor's intention to take another course in his profession, and in the spring he will probably locate at Seattle, Washington.


The departure of Doctor Sleicher and family from our city will be greatly regretted by all our people, for socially they were great favorites and professionally Dr. Sleicher was regarded as one of the best physicians who have ever resided here. He was engaged in the practice of medicine here for over nine years, and has been very successful, his practice being large and constantly increasing.


His successor is classmate of Dr. Sleicher's being about his age and comes to our city well recommended, both in a social way and professionally. Our people extend to him and family a most hearty greeting.