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Margarethe Schurz School



03 22          There will be no shortage of bidders for the new elementary school to be constructed in the Seventh Ward which is to be known as the Margarethe Schurz School, it was indicated today following an announcement at last night’s meeting of the Board of Education that eight general contractors have thus far qualified for filing bids which are to be opened at 8 p.m. on April 10.  In addition to the eight general contractors, there are ten mechanical contractors who have qualified.  These represent either heating or plumbing concerns or both.  There also are five electrical contractors who have qualified.  “If all of these contractors file bids, as now expected, we should have quite a field from which to choose the most favorable bidders,” a spokesman for the board said last night.  “We will not have a shortage of bidders as was the case on the high school addition project when the field of bidders was very limited.”  WDT


07 12       H. F. Mallow and Son have begun pouring concrete for the walls of the new Margarethe Schurz School in the Seventh Ward and the work from now on is expected to follow its regular schedule so that the building will be completed in time for occupancy when the school term begins a year from next September.  H.F. Mallow and Son Co. was the lowest bidder for the general contract, $299,505.   WDT


1963      Grade 1, 1963


Schurz School, Watertown, WI

Grade 1, 1963

DJCGS 001 541


Fifth (back) Row:  Lynn Kube, Marilyn Christianson, Donna Talledge, Suzanne Duddeck, Gail Gaugert.


Fourth Row:  Michael Webb, Steven Heiser, Gary Schmidt, Gene Schmidt, Bonnie Walter, Debbie Dodd, Gregory Manning, Wayne Schwartz, Peter Welbourne, Jerry Schutt.


Third Row:  Lois Kohlhoff, Nancy Hartman, Bill Reichertz, Danny Baker, David Steindorf.


Second Row:  Michael Pullam, Larry Buchert, Dana Holden, Pat Dehnert, Scott Schieldt.


Front Row:  Michael Fentzlaff, John Geneman, Kenneth Staude, Cheryl Wills.


Absent:  Dawn Dodd, Douglas Sterwald, Jeffery Schwartz, Carl Beyer and Mrs. Elmyra (Nellie) Beal.