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H. C. Christians and Ada Schempf Christians


Source:Memorial and Genealogical Record of Dodge and Jefferson Counties, Wisconsin, Chicago: Goodspeed Brothers, Publishers, 1894.



H. C. Christians [Henry Charles]


Few articles in the food line are so valuable to mankind as butter, from the simple fact that no other substitute can so thoroughly and satisfactorily fill the demands, and a pure article is of the utmost importance.The house wife has come to be a connoisseur in this respect and will have nothing to do with an inferior article, hence creameries all over the country are put upon their mettle and use every exertion to produce a superior grade of butter.


Among the manufactories that have attained perfection in this respect is that of which H. C. Christians is the proprietor at Johnsonís Creek, Wis.He also deals extensively in cheese, eggs, etc.The business was established in 1882, and in connection with his fine manufactory, he has a three-story cold storage warehouse and freezing rooms, a most necessary adjunct to his important business.


Mr. Christians is a product of this county, born June 16, 1862, his father being Fred Christians of Johnsonís Creek.


He came to this county in the forties and for some time past has lived retired from the active duties of life.The early training of the subject of this sketch was received on a farm and his literary education was obtained in the village school of Johnsonís Creek, but he afterward took a private course in book-keeping.At the age of twenty years he engaged in the general mercantile business at Johnsonís Creek, where he continued in business five years, but during that time he gradually worked into his present business, and in 1887 sold his stock of general merchandise and gave his entire time and attention to his present business.


He has four butter factories, one in the village of Aztalan, one each in the town of Aztalan, Farmington and Jefferson, and the average output of butter per day is 1,200 pounds.The factories are all fitted up with the latest improved appliances, and none but experienced persons are employed.He buys and handles a great deal of butter that he does not make, and does a business in eggs amounting to 175,000 or 200,000 dozen per year.


Mr. Christiansí main office is in Johnsonís Creek and is handsomely and conveniently fitted up and contains a large fire-proof vault and burglar-proof safe. The capacity of his cold storage warehouse is 5,000 cases of eggs and 150,000 pounds of butter, and the building is substantially built of brick.


Mr. Christians has a handsome residence ó one of the most beautiful in the county ó and has a magnificent plumbing system of hot and cold water and spacious and convenient bath rooms.He has always been a Democrat in politics, has held a number of town offices and for some time was postmaster of Johnsonís Creek.


He was married to Miss Ada J. Schempf, a native of Watertown, Wis., and their union has resulted in the birth of one child, George F. [Frederick].††† Mr. and Mrs. Christians are well known throughout Jefferson County, and have gathered about them a wide circle of warm friends.He took premiums on his articles at the Worldís Fair and has also carried off the blue ribbon at state and county fairs.He has always found a ready market for his goods all over the country and may be said to be an expert in his line of work.†† He was elected a member of the Assembly in the Second District of Jefferson County, November 6, 1894.




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