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Rock River Consumers Cooperative Assn

111-117 South Water Street


Watertown Daily Times, 01 30 1957


An $18,000 building to house its store and offices will be erected on its property in North Church Street by the Rock River Consumers Co-operative, it was reported today after a building permit was approved by the city building inspector. The new building will be 60 by 28 feet. The cooperative has sold its South Water Street property to the city for a parking lot, the deal having been made last year. The city will take over the property in the spring and will begin development of the parking lot as soon as possible.


Watertown Daily Times, 06 18 1957


The city, having about completed work on development of the two latest downtown parking lots, one in South First Street and the other in North Second Street, will now turn its attention to developing the first city parking lot on the west side on the site of the former Rock River Cooperative, Inc., property in South Water Street. The City Council at its meeting last night approved a resolution authorizing the city manager to advertise for bids for demolishing the present buildings on the site. At its meeting last night the Council approved the sale of the former Marie Eagen property at 112 North Montgomery Street to Donald Boyink, the successful bidder, at a figure of $6,062.01. Three other bids, all lower, were received.


Watertown Daily Times, 08 29 1957


The former store building of the Rock River Consumers Cooperative Association, 111-117 South Water Street, is to be razed to make way for the city's newest off-street parking lot. The property was acquired last year by the city. It will be the first west side parking lot. Other buildings on the site have already been cleared away. The cooperative has moved to a new location.


Watertown Daily Times, 08 31 1985


Elmer Boll, retired general manager of the Rock River Consumers Cooperative in Watertown, and who is currently active in city government, has received special commendation in competition to select the most admired senior citizens. The competition was held at the Wisconsin State Fair this year in cooperation with Security Savings and Loan of Milwaukee. Although Boll was not selected as one of the 10 most admired he was recognized with a special commendation for his contributions to the community after reaching the age of 60.


Watertown Daily Times, 11 19 1997


The merger of two local cooperatives has been approved by stockholders. River Valley Cooperative in Watertown and Dodge County Cooperative of Beaver Dam will merge effective Jan. 1, 1998. Votes from the stockholders of both cooperatives were tallied Friday afternoon. River Valley Cooperative stockholders voted 677 in favor of the merger and 111 in opposition, for an 85.9 percent approval vote.