ebook History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Princess Confectionery

105 Main Street


George Spyros, Proprietor


Ice Cream, Candies and Cigars, No. 105 Main Street, Phone 401-Y


One of the best equipped ice cream and confectionery stores in the city is that of George Spyros, occupying the Evans building, the first floor and basement.


The salesroom is finely lighted by the indirect system of electric lights and equipped with electric fans and all conveniences including marble soda fountain in front for dispensing soft drinks in all flavors, including ice cream sodas and sundaes, having a good trade in that line.


The ice cream handled is all made on the premises, using a power freezer operated by electric motor; also the pure cream and popular flavorings, turning out the best grade. Both bulk and brick cream are supplied in any quantity to the family trade and others while ice cream and soft drinks are served at parlors at any time up to 10 and 11 p.m., having seating room for seventy persons, being as large a seating capacity as any in the city.


This house also carries a complete line of homemade candies, all made on the premises at candy kitchen in rear, which is under the personal management of Mr. George Spyros, who has had quite long experience in that line covering a period of ten years.


His productions comprise a full line of creams, bon bons, chocolate drops and all hard goods as well as pan candies, taffies, etc., his candy trade being one of the largest in the city, especially during the fall and winter months.


A small line of cigars also handled and in addition to a good city trade in Watertown, this house has a good transient trade from the surrounding towns and country as far as Clyman, Juneau, Reeseville, Columbus, Waterloo, Oconomowoc, and other points with a good country trade.


The business was established six years ago by E. O. Byrne who was succeeded nearly one year ago by Mr. George Spyros who has since enjoyed an excellent trade--one of the best in this line and at his ice cream parlors hot drinks, including tomato bouillon, beef tea, etc., will be served during the winter months.


From Watertown and Jefferson County Trade Review, Dec 1916




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