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“An Old-Fashioned American Christmas”

same as

“Christmas at Bradford Farm”

same as

Christmas at Grandfather’s Farm (1890s)


02 20          A number of Watertown residents will appear in an educational movie titled “An Old-Fashioned American Christmas” which is being filmed here under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Tod Stromquist of Coronet Instructional Films of Chicago. This project is being made possible by the Watertown Historical Society, working in cooperation with the Wisconsin State Historical Society and the Watertown Curtain Club. The local historical society, under the direction of Miss Gladys Mollart, curator, has opened the Octagon House for photographing so that authentic, original backgrounds for scenes would be possible. The setting for the film is the 1890s. Those appearing in the film include Mrs. Grace Fargo, Mrs. Henry Winogrond, Mrs. Edward Dobbratz, Mrs. S.J. Luchsinger, Carl Kolata, Don Boyink, James Bloor, Mrs. John Viets, Dana Hibbard, Storey Hibbard, Susan Teggatz, Charles Johannson Jr., Mark Winogrond and Erwin Keepman, Oconomowoc.   WDT


12 12          Sub-zero weather standards offered no deterrent to the large, enthusiastic crowd that witnessed the first public showing of the Coronet sound color film “Christmas at Bradford Farm,” last night at the Lincoln School Auditorium.  The production was sponsored by the Watertown Historical Society for its members and Octagon House patrons and supporters.  The interior scenes for the film were taken in the kitchen, dining room and parlor of the house with exterior scenes taken elsewhere.  The State Historical Society assisted in the filming.  Assemblyman Byron Wackett was master of ceremonies.  The prize for long distance traveling on a cold winter night perhaps should go to William J. Schereck, fieldman for the State Historical Society, who came from Madison to be presented.  He commented upon the high rating of the local Historical Society with the state society and particularly upon the fact that the officers realize that there is opportunity for growth and development.   WDT




A Coronet Instructional Film for classroom use


Recording is 22 minutes in length


Recorded in 1958 at the Octagon House
in Watertown, WI, home of the

Watertown Historical Society.


Exterior shots done at the Paul Hibbard

home on Oconomowoc Ave.


The film was made with actors from the Curtain Club,

Watertown's community theater at the time. 

Featured actors include Carl Kolata,

Esther Winogrand, her son Mark Winogrand,

and Margaret Luchsinger, among others.


Duplicated from original video recording to VHS to DVD


Tape introduction contains jitter


Price is $20.00 plus $3.00 for shipping/handling and

can be ordered by contacting the webmaster.




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