ebook History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Ohm Bros.

200 Second St



07 13 That large muskellunge on exhibition at Ohm Bros. place of business on Second Street was caught by Frank W. Piper, of Pipersville, at Minocqua several weeks ago. It weighed 28 pounds and measured 45 inches in length. Mr. Piper felt so proud of his catch that he sent it to Chicago and had it mounted. It is by far the finest specimen of fish ever seen in Watertown. WG


12 24 A deal was effected through the real estate office of H. J. Strauss whereby the ice business of Ohm Bros, passes into the hands of Frank H. Lehmann. The transfer includes the large ice house situated on the banks of Rock river in the Sixth ward the appliances, horses and wagons. Mr. Lehman is a young ambitious accommodating gentleman, who will surely conduct his large business m the future to the satisfaction of his patrons. WDT



05 17 Just arrived in this city and on exhibition at Ohm Bros. 200 Second Street, a large number of CANARY BIRDS, each of which is a singer. The birds are in fine condition and guaranteed to sing. The birds are handsome and of pure strain, having been recently brought from Hartz Mountain, Germany and will make any house pleasant and cheerful with their music. The price of the birds is reasonable. Call and see them even if you do not buy.




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