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Molzahn Family




Friday evening our popular pharmacist and dispenser of summer-girl beverages, John Molzahn, happened to the Northwestern depot just as the train conveying the victorious Johnson Creek firemen to their homes from the tournament was passing through.  The Creek boys were fairly effervescing with hilarity, and John's well-known enthusiasm prompted him to board the cars and help his friends out as much as possible.  He intended returning on the north-bound passenger due here at 9:45, but on arrival at the Creek there was no train in sight at the station.  Careful scrutiny, however, located it at the north end of the sidetracks just pulling out.  John therefore made long strides for it, but to no avail; it was past catching.  Then he endeavored to re-board the southbound train, intending rather to put up at Jefferson for the night than in the small burg of Johnson Creek.  Here he was again frustrated, the locomotive proving too much for him.  He finally resigned himself to his fate and passed a weary sleepless night thinking of faulty train connections not recorded in the timetables.




Sunday was a red-letter day for the Molzahn family, it being the day fixed for a reunion of every member of the family at the home of Mrs. Molzahn, southwest of Watertown.  It was the first gathering of the family in many years and the event will long be remembered with pleasure by those participating.


The Molzahn family settled in this section of Watertown in the pioneer days and is one of the most respected and esteemed in this section of Wisconsin.  The occasion proved a most pleasant one for all of the sons and daughters and particularly for the mother, whose happiness at having those entire dear gather about her, can be easily understood.




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