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Miller & Tank

Cigar Manufactory



04 07       Messrs. B. Miller and A. Tank have recently started a cigar manufactory in this city and are now carrying on the business with a success and to an extent that we were not aware of – until we visited their rooms, in McMahon’s Block, the other day.  They constantly employ several workmen and consume a large quantity of tobacco, thus furnishing the growers that plant in this vicinity a home market for all they can raise.  Their cigars are well made, superior in quality, and are rapidly becoming generally known and great favorites with smokers.  They are gradually creating a large and flourishing business and now find a rapid and steady sale for all they can supply.  Those who want a choice and fine cigar can get it of Miller & Tank and will always find the article just what it is represented to be.  As long as people will smoke, the material had better be furnished by ourselves than brought from abroad, while it can just as well be done here as anywhere.   WD




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