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Main Café

103 E Main




1944, Main Café



1957c, Main Cafe, 1950s-70s city assessor form, WHS_006_011a

1957c, Main Cafe, 1950s-70s city assessor image, WHS_006_011b



10 02       One of Watertown’s old business establishments, a one-time widely known eating place, has reopened for business under its original name — the Main Cafe.  In recent years it had other names, but the new owners and operators, Chester and Dora Marquard, have reopened it under the name of the Main Cafe.  The place opened its doors on Tuesday and has enjoyed a generous patronage since then.  It opened without fanfare and after some extensive changes and improvements.  Mrs. Dora Marquard is actively managing the place.  She said today that “good home cooking” is her aim.  Dinners and short orders are the policy.