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Kramp Co.

601-603 E. Main


107-109 S. Sixth


c.1885   Kramp Co, Sixth & Main





09 28       Aug. Kramp carries a full line of the Globe feed cutters and horse-powers, the best made, also other plows, potato diggers and pokes, as well as all other farm machinery, also farm and milk wagons.  To make room for the full line of Portland and swell body cutters and bob-sleighs, I will sell my stock of buggies and carriages at reduced prices.  All goods warranted.  All steel, blacksmith and wagon work, and horseshoeing promptly done, and satisfaction guaranteed.  WG



ROBERT SCHMIDT, Kramp employee




Kramp, August, 601 E Main, blacksmith



1910, New garage and salesrooms



Kramp, August, 101-115 S Sixth, Blacksmith


   1913 ad



1916, Crow Elk-Hart "30" Motor Car



1929, Ad, WHS_006_541



Kramp Co, 601-605 E Main, farm implements and blacksmiths, August Kramp



1939, WHS_999_016



1954, 615-619 E Main, WHS_006_Centennial_1954_006



Kramp Co, 605 E Main



08 07       The sixth oldest business in Watertown's history will close its doors for good on Aug. 22, more than 130 years since it was founded.  The A. Kramp Company, 615 East Main Street, will sell everything remaining in its garage that day at a public auction.  That includes a handful of used automobiles, a utility tractor with loader, office equipment, shop tools and body shop equipment.  Ronald Nass, who became full owner of the company about one year ago, said he has terminated his affiliation with American Motors Company, Jeep and Renault.  The service shop has been closed for several weeks, although he still will try to sell his remaining cars until the auction.  Nass said several reasons led to his decision to close the business, which was started as a blacksmith shop by Gottfried Kramp in 1857.  A lack of variety in the AMC line was a major factor, he said.  "The day of the small dealer is less and less (likely)," Nass said.  "It takes a dual dealership.  You can't do it with one franchise.   WDT




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