ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Kohli & Hallatz


Watertown Daily Times, 03 13 1908


Emil Kohli of Pipersville, of the mercantile firm of Kohli & Hallatz, was a visitor in the city yesterday and to a representative of The Leader related the circumstances of the robbery of their place of business some time during the early hours of yesterday morning, or the night before.  The place was entered and goods to the value of about $75.00 were taken.  Entrance was effected through the front door, the robbers probably having a key that fit the door.  They evidently locked the door again after entering and for some reason pounded the locks so that the door could not be opened in the morning without removing the lock.  The robbers, after ransacking the store, making it look as if the tail end of a Missouri cyclone had passed through the room, and helping them to what they wanted, made their escape via the rear door.  Rubbers, shoes, mittens, caps and minor articles were taken, also a quantity of whiskey.  Two slot machines were also broken open and the contents taken . . . Drawers in desks and counters were removed and the contents overhauled and then all piled upon the counters.  There is no clue as to the identity of the perpetrators of this robbery, but the supposition is that it is the work of tramps who were on their way over to Pipersville from Ixonia.


Emil, Kohli, 1913, 519 E Main, Watertown, saloon