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Julius H. Keyes




Corp. Julius H. Keyes of Co. B, 29th Regiment, reached this city last Tuesday.  He was severely wounded in the battle of Champion’s Hill and for some weeks has been confined in the hospital at St. Louis.   WD



On Tuesday last Dr. Brainard of Chicago, probably the most eminent surgeon in the west, performed a very skillful and successful operation on Julius H. Keyes of this city – extracting a minie ball from his head where he has carried it with much pain and suffering ever since the memorable battle of Champion Hills, two years ago the 16th of May.  The ball entered the head near the right temple, destroyed the optical nerve in its course, pressed the eye outward, and embedded itself well up under the nose.  It was removed by first being pressed into one of the nostrils and then drawn out.  It was found to be an ounce ball, badly flattened out.  At the time of receiving the wound he was a corporal in the 29th and belonged to the color guard – a post of honor and danger.  The officers and men of the regiment who passed through that sanguinary battle with him will be rejoiced to learn of a prospect of the speedy recovery of their former comrade who fell, as all supposed, mortally wounded in their decimated ranks, where the fire was the hottest and raged the fiercest.  On the eve of his departure for Chicago a number of liberal-hearted citizens, remembering with pride his gallantry in the field and the indomitable courage with which he has borne his sufferings, presented him with a purse of $50 as a slight testimonial of their appreciation of his services in fighting the battles of his country. – Watertown Republican.


Buried in Oak Hill cemetery  


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