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“Jumbo” Keel’s cafe

at the “Sharp Corner”



12 25       During holiday week a pool tournament, arranged by R. S. Keel, will take place at Joe Harvey's billiard rooms. It will be participated in by a number of local experts with the cue, and there are three classes of entries. In each class two cash prizes will be offered.



03 27       “Jumbo” Keels’ cafe at the “Sharp Corner” presents a most attractive appearance with the numerous oil paintings which adorn the walls.  The work was done by Artist Henry Schaller and is very creditable.



02 27       R. S. Keel recently purchased an old violin that to most people would look almost valueless and scarcely worth the wood of which it was made.  The instrument, which is said to be over 100 years old, was purchased by Mr. Keel for the sum of $25.  Upon purchasing the violin, the new owner sent the instrument to Chicago to have it repaired.  The concern that did the repairing evidently realized what a treasure the old violin was, made Mr. Keel an offer of $150 for the instrument.  The violin has been returned from Chicago and was given a trial by Harry J. Stube, who pronounces it an instrument of rare tone and beautiful volume.



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