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Hussa Brewery

Joseph Hussa



The Hussa Brewery was operated in Watertown by Joseph Hussa from 1851 to 1854; he then sold the business and moved to Bangor, near La Crosse, to open the Joseph Hussa Brewing Company.


Hussa sold the business to a Frederick Raasch who continued to operate it until 1866. From there it passed through several different owners, finally ending up in the hands of John and Ullrich Habhegger. The brewing business ended when the building burned to the ground in 1871.


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“The Hussa brewery (Joseph Hussa Brewing Company, Bangor, La Crosse County) opened in 1858 and closed with Prohibition. A 1901 newspaper clipping reported:


Born in Prague, Austria-Hungary on March 17, 1823, Joseph Hussa landed in America at the age of 27 years. He spent the first years at Fox Lake and Watertown, Wisconsin where he was a foreman of a brewery. He was a brewer of the good old school, brewing his beer in the old, approved style, and gained for it a reputation for superiority. Their Paragon Table Beer, introduced about one year ago (1900), made of imported rice, Bohemian hops and choice malt, can be recommended highly for family use, and it can be truthfully said of all the other products of the brewery that they excel in purity and general excellence.'




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