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Norman Humphrey



Livery Business

Watertown Democrat, 09 16 1858


Going to Court—Messrs. Turner, Lindon and Bertholf & Humphrey will run regular lines of carriages between this city and Jefferson during the term of the Court.  These gentlemen are all in the livery business and have accommodated our citizens during summer’s heat and winter’s cold as occasion required.  They are certainly deserving a benefit when a trifle is to be made.  Those going to Jefferson will certainly consult their own convenience and the interests of the “Regulars” by patronizing the old firms in preference to the new comers or interlopers.

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Watertown Democrat, 12 02 1858


Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership heretofore existing between the undersigned under the firm of Humphrey & Bertholf is this day dissolved by mutual consent.  All persons indebted to the firm will please call and settle their account without delay.  The business will hereafter be conducted by Norman Humphrey at the old stand, where the public can have the best the establishment affords.  A cash business alone will be done.


Norman Humphrey,

Peter Bertholf.

Watertown, Nov. 17, 1858



Humphrey, Norman         7/2/1863, misc, Watertown Democrat

Humphrey, Norman         7/9/1863, misc, Watertown Democrat

Humphrey, Norman         8/13/1863, misc, Watertown Democrat

Humphrey, Norman         9/24/1863, misc, Watertown Democrat

Humphrey, Norman         10/22/1863, misc, Watertown Democrat



Norman Humphrey

Co. B, 29 Regt., Wisconsin



Items in Civil War box:   
[1] Card in box reads “This equipment was used by Norman Humphrey in the war of 1861 to 1865 (Civil War). Lieut. of Co. B, 29 Regt., Wisconsin. Loaned by Frank Atkins. 5/24/1938; 
[2] #3123 Leather valise used by Herman Humphrey, used in 29th Infantry, Civil War; 
[3] #3149 soft hide gauntlets.
[4] #2445 Eye glasses in metal case.
[5] #6602 Leather card case with playing cards.
[6] #3968 Civil War era straight edge razor.
[7] #863/863 Civil War era cartridge filler loading tool, shot gun shell crimper.
[8] #1906 Early safety razor. Hardege Estate.
[9] #3138 Small flask in leather case.
[10] Collection also include spectacles in pewter case and empty shell casings.

Holding of the Watertown Historical Society


Humphrey, Norman  /  Civil War veteran, GAR Personal War Sketch, 1890



Humphrey, Norman         9/14/1871, misc, Watertown Democrat

Humphrey, Norman         11/30/1871, misc, Watertown Democrat



Norman Humphrey

Watch Stolen

Watertown Republican, 10 12 1898


Saturday Deputy Sheriff Smith arrested, near Appleton, a strange young man who is suspected of having stolen a silver watch from the home of Norman Humphrey, on Sixth Street, one day last summer. For obvious reasons the young man’s name is withheld for the present.  He was taken before Justice Henze Monday and his preliminary examination set for October 20, he meanwhile being lodged in, the county jail.


It is claimed that the suspect was engaged in taking orders for enlarging pictures and in this capacity called at Mr. Humphrey's residence.  He was told by the servant girl that nothing in was wanted in his line, after which she returned to her duties in the rear part of the house.  The watch in question was lying on a shelf in the room which the agent entered, and it being missing after his departure; it is supposed that he embraced the opportunity to appropriate it.  The watch was subsequently sold at Beaver Dam, and this furnished a clue to the apprehension of the suspect.


Cross Reference:

Is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery:  Humphrey, Norman, b. 1820, d. 1901, 1Lt Co B 29th Wis Inf




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