ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Humphrey, Ira John and John Philip


Two contributions:


“The first is a ‘postcard’ photo of my great-grandfather, Ira John Humphrey (aged 21 here - he's standing on the far left), postmarked Watertown, August 28, 1910.  He worked for Wells Fargo for many years before moving to Milwaukee.  You can see the names of the other businesses behind the horse and wagon. "Geschke" on the far right, and "Dr. Masters" or "Dr. Masterson" next to the Wells Fargo Express sign.


“The second features a train and the platform of the Milwaukee Railroad.  On the far left (with the bowtie) is my gg-Grandfather, John Philip Humphrey (he was originally from Wales).  This picture was most likely taken sometime during the 1920's. Look closely at the back of the train and see the man tipping his hat from the wood pile!  John was ticket agent for the station for 25 years, and was a city councilman for - I believe - Ward 3.”


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