ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Theodore Huber Lumberyard


Watertown Lumber & Coal Co

401 Clyman Street



10 02       For convenience and excellent appointments, Theo. Huber's lumber yard [401 Clyman] will rank among the best, since the recent erection of a shed for the storage of lumber.  The shed is a block in length, about 100 feet wide and 50 feet high, and will hold an immense stock of building material.   WR



03 13          At 11 o'clock last night an alarm of fire called the department to the stock yards of the Milwaukee Road near the Third Street crossing, where a blaze had in some manner started.  The firemen extinguished it promptly, with but slight damage resulting.  Had the fire gained headway the loss might have been considerable, as Theodore Huber's lumberyard is in close proximity.   WR



07 01          BURGLARS AT WORK

Early last Friday evening burglars entered the office of the Watertown Lumber & Coal Co. at 401 Clyman Street, ransacking the safe and desk drawers, securing about $1 for their trouble.   WG





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History of Watertown, Wisconsin