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05 18       RUNAWAY TEAMS

Runaway teams are getting to be event quite too frequent.  Every day or two a frightened team may be seen rushing through our streets, breaking and smashing and tearing everything before it.  In almost every instance this results from the carelessness of the owners in not securely hitching their horses.  Last Saturday we had an incident of this kind which caused considerable excitement, without doing much damage, but generally a destroyed wagon and sometimes broken lamp posts and limbs are the consequence.   WD


08 03       A SMASH UP

The first excitement in our streets last Monday morning was a regular smash up.  A span of horses attached to a wagon loaded with wheat became restless and frightened, started off in a brisk run, made a sudden turn on the corner of the Robinson House, upset the load, breaking the wagon in fragments, bursting open the bags, scattering the grain in all directions and passed on at the top of their best speed.  So much for carelessness in leaving a team loose on the streets.   WD



05 18       A LIVELY RUNAWAY

At 11:30 o'clock yesterday morning, as Gust Rennhack of Hubbleton was driving a team of horses attached to a wagon loaded with wood in West Main Street, opposite The Gazette office, a nut on one of the wheels loosened and fell off, the wheel followed suit and tipped the wagon over.  The horses started off at a lively gate, taking part of the wagon and the driver with them.  Rennhack had a tight hold on the reins, but was compelled to let go as he reached Main Street bridge, escaping injury with the exception of a broken thumb.  As the horses sped at a furious rate eastward, the wagon attached struck Dr. Ralph Kaysen's auto on the street in front of his office and stripped the rim of the forward left wheel from the hub, reducing every spoke to small kindling wood.  Near North Second Street the horses shied northward and ran into the west end of the Beurhaus store, where they fell on the sidewalk, and after they were taken from the entangled harness, it was found they too escaped serious injury.   WG





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