ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


George Wm Weber




George Wm Weber WHS_005_407               George Wm Weber WHS_005_408


George Wm Weber, son of George J Weber, the mail carrier from 2nd Ward, and Emilie Diekoff Weber.


Geo Wm Weber is married to Renata M. Hoefler. Geo. Wm. and Renata are buried at St. Henry's



Renata Mary Hoefler



Renata Mary Hoefler        WHS_005_406


Renata Mary Hoefler, married George William Weber.


Both are buried at the St. Henry's Cemetery.





Watertown Webers              WHS_005_414


Mother Emilie A. Diekoff Weber, son, George William Weber b. 1886, and dau. Zayda Ruth Weber b. 1896


George and Zayda born Watertown. Sons of George J. Weber and Emilie Diekoff Weber.


George J and wife Emilie buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Watertown;

George William buried St. Henry's Watertown,

Zayda ashes scattered at sea.