ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Hilgendorf & Son


Charles Hilgendorf ?


Hilgendorf, Arthur         1913, 308 E Main, saloon  

Hilgendorf, Arthur         1913, 308 E Main, saloon, WHS_001_PC_236

Hilgendorf, Art E, tavern  1935, 113 W Main 



07 07       What came near proving a serious accident, occurred about 10:30 o'clock yesterday in front of the grocery store of Hilgendorf & Son on West Main Street.


A large strawberry and vegetable display case had been placed in front of the store on the sidewalk with the intention of fastening the same, but before it was done, a gust of wind blew the case over onto the sidewalk. Just at the time, Mrs. Neal Barber was passing, wheeling her baby carriage. The large case, weighing about 200 pounds just grazed the carriage, but with sufficient force to throw the little babe into the front of the cab but fortunately the little one was uninjured.


Had the carriage proceeded a foot further, the chances are that the baby would have been killed or frightfully injured. Those who witnessed the occurrence fairly held their breaths, expecting the accident would prove more serious. It was lucky indeed that the little babe escaped as luckily as it did.   WDT