ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Henry A. Guse Saloon


    Watertown Daily Times, 06 19 1907


The petty thieving of the recent past was put in the shade in the “job” at burglary “pulled off” some time during the early hours of yesterday morning, when Henry A. Guse, the Second Street saloon keeper, was the loser to the amount of about $75 the discovery of the robbery not being made till after the members of the household had arose in the morning.  The money was in silver . . . having been taken from a bureau drawer in the bedroom occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Guse.  None of the members of the family were disturbed.  However, one of the children thought they heard a noise in the house, but was not awakened enough to detect the presences of the intruder . . .  A screen (had been) removed from one of the rear windows upstairs.  In order to get to the place where the money was secreted, it was necessary for the thief to pass through two bedrooms occupied by members of the family . . .  nothing was taken from the saloon so far as known.  Another fact that shows the boldness of the robber is that a light was burning in the room occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Guse.