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Fin & Tail

108 S. Third St.






1961      108 SOUTH THIRD STREET

06 04       Another Fin & Tail Delicatessen is scheduled to open in Madison in the near future, and at later dates other Fin & Tail establishments will be opened, on a franchise basis, in other Wisconsin cities.  In his classification talk delivered at Monday’s weekly meeting of the Watertown Rotary Club, Robert Franz, proprietor of the local Fin & Tail Delicatessen, located at 108 South Third Street, told of the expansion plans, and also related the history of the local establishment.  He also gave his fellow Rotarians information on the operation of the delicatessen.  The Fin & Tail opened at the corner of South Second and Jones Street six and a half years ago in the building which housed the first kindergarten in America.  This building was moved to the Octagon House grounds.  With the building no longer available to him, Franz four and a half years ago opened a store at the present location.



10 26       Fin & Tail Foods, Inc., announced plans for expanding its operations by franchising additional stores dealing in fish, sea foods, and a variety of food products, sauces, etc.  The announcement was made by Robert Franz who has purchased the former Koser Bakery property in South Second Street and converted it into wholesale office quarters for the organization, renting it to Fin & Tail Foods, Inc.  The building also has been remodeled to provide a large and modern kitchen on the second floor where the line of sauces, foods and fish are prepared.







02 09       Harold A. Rose, route 2, Watertown, is the new secretary treasurer of Fin and Tail Foods, Inc., wholesale department, with headquarters in the former Koser Bakery Building here at 111 South Second Street.  Mr. Rose is a graduate of Watertown High School.  He spent ten months with the Wisconsin National Guard at Fort Lewis, Wash., as chef and joined the staff of Fin and Tail Foods in September of 1962 and a chef and in December moved to Madison where he took over the duties of assistant manager and in February of 1963 was transferred to West Allis where he developed a new store for Fin and Tail.  Robert Franz is president and was reelected at the board meeting.  Ray Franz was reelected vice president and Mrs. Ray (Irma) Franz continues to serve as a director.   WDT






03 22       A new company, known as Chef Pierre’s Caterers, has been formed in Watertown.  It will handle catering services.  The company will be located at 109 South Second Street.  No serving will be done at the kitchen location, but will be done in private homes, country clubs, churches, halls, picnic areas, etc.  President will be Robert A. Franz, vice president and general manager, Lucille Lenius, and secretary-treasurer, Harold Rose.  The president has been affiliated with Fin & Tail Foods Inc. (Wholesale Division) for the past 11 years and has served as chef in the Watertown National Guard for 14 years.   WDT



01 25       The board of directors of Fin and Tail Foods, Inc. announced two major changes, one being the changing of all franchise stores to be operated under the owner’s name, not under the corporate name of Fin and Tail.  These stores include the east side of Madison formally known as Fin and Tail now operating as Johnson Seafoods.  The second store on the west side of Madison has previously been canceled as of two years ago.


There has been a store operating under the name of Fin and Tail in Watertown since 1955.  The local store has been owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Waldemar Grulke since June, 1964.  They are now operating under the name of Grulke’s Carry-Outs.


The restaurant supply division of Fin and Tail Foods, Inc., with a yearly sales of approximately one-half million dollars, has been sold, the paper products to Tri-County Tobacco Co. Inc., Watertown, and the frozen foods to Mueller Bros. Fish Co., Milwaukee, Wis.  The board takes this opportunity to thank the many restaurant accounts for their past patronage.


The Fin and Tail Corporation will direct all their efforts in the prepared food field consisting of fried fish, salads, and sauces, which are processed at Watertown and shipped through distributors -throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and parts of Minnesota to super markets and restaurants.


Fin and Tail Foods, Inc., maintains kitchens in the former Koser Bakery building. 111 South Second Street, Watertown.


Robert Franz is president of Fin and Tail Foods, Inc.







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