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Fendt Brothers Meat Market

303 N. Fourth Street


Theodore A. Fendt

1895 - 1984


M/M Theodore A. Fendt

Golden Wedding Anniversary



1954      35 YEARS

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1919 – 1954:  35 YEARS...

When We Look Back 35 Years Doesn't Seem So Long, But . . . those years have been interesting, rewarding years filled with the satisfaction of work well done and the development of a reputation for highest quality meats and meat products that has brought us a host of customers and friends to whom we express our sincere thanks.


We control and maintain our superior quality because we carefully select the animals we slaughter, and process them with the care quality meat deserves so that our customers receive the superior meats, sausages, hams and bacon they desire.  If you haven't enjoyed the distinctive flavor of Fendt Bros, home-killed meats and meat products we invite you to visit our clean, sanitary shop for a trial purchase.



Home-Killed Meats

Home-Cured Hams and Bacon

Custom Slaughtering

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06 21       THEODORE A. FENDT

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Fendt (Irene Mary Hrobsky) marked their golden wedding anniversary on June 21, 1972.  They were married June 21, 1922 at St. Henry's Catholic Church, with the late Father F. X. Schwinn officiating.  Attendants were Lawrence Brown of St. Paul, Minn., and the late Josephine (Loukota) Brown.


A concelebrated mass was held June 18, 1972, at St. Henry's with the Revs. Raymond Dunn, James Hinnen and Michael Hippee officiating.  Servers for the mass were Greg Huber and Brian Wooley.  The offertory offering was taken to the altar by Christine Tesch, Susan and Bonnie Fendt and Deborah Kaercher.  Ushers were Joseph, Norbert and Francis Haberkorn and Pat Ebert.  Commentator for the mass was Wayne Simon.  The adult choir sung the Mass with a solo by Steven Fendt.


Mr. and Mrs. Fendt had three children, Wilfred of Orange, Calif., Mrs. Melvin (Phoebe) Wendt and Mrs. John (Virginia) Kaercher of Watertown, one son, Kenneth, passed away Feb. 8, 1969.  They also had 10 grandchildren, Richard, Susan, Bonnie and Steven Fendt; Theodore of Albuquerque, N. Mex.; and Christine Tesch; Dianna (Kaercher) Frisch, John, Jr., Joseph and Deborah Kaercher and four great-grandchildren, Anthony Fendt, Michele, Christine and Michael Frisch.


Fendt was the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fendt, Sr.


Fendt Brothers Meat Market


Mr. Fendt began operating Fendt Brothers Meat Market in October of 1919, with his brothers Alois and Fred joining him as partners.  After the death of Alois, Kenneth joined the firm until his death.  After completing his military service, Donald, son of Fred, joined the firm.  They have been in business for over 52 years (as of 1972).


Mrs. Fendt was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Hrobsky.  She had one sister, Mrs. Fred (Genevieve) Fendt and one brother, George Hrobsky.




When preparing to laden the dining room table with those holiday treats, don’t forget to put out the spritz, the pfefferneusse, and the zultz.  The zultz? What?  Not on your list?  “Most young people don’t know what it is, but it used to be served a lot on New Year’s Eve along with creamed herring,” said Don Fendt, owner of the family-owned market at 303 N. Fourth St.  He said, “Most meat packers call it zouse and meat processors call it sulze, but we have always called it zultz.” (Pronounced “Zooltz”).  Now that we know how to pronounce it, just what is it?  “It’s a sweet and sour pork loaf we make with pork shoulder.  We cook the meat and add bay leaf, vinegar, onions and other seasonings and gelatin,” Fendt explained.   WDT




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