ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Ervin Coughlin



Milwaukee Circus Day parade



08 27       Erv Coughlin, Watertown's Clydesdale fancier, is glad he was born in 1904.  "I was fortunate," he says, "to be farming in the years when we could make use of our horses.  I've never gone to sleep at night that there wasn't a horse in my barn," says Coughlin, about his love for the animals.  For several years he and his team picked up milk at all the area farms and hauled it to Watertown to be bottled.  In his early years of farming, horses were the power source.  Then as he acquired more acreage and tractors dominated the farm scene, his big draft horses were no longer expected to pull equipment for planting and harvesting.  "But I never got rid of my horses.  It just wouldn't have seemed right!"