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Paul H Conway


Prominent Young Man Who Was To Graduate

With Law Class of the State University – Dies Suddenly



The people of Watertown were shocked this morning when the sad news reached here that PAUL H. CONWAY, Son of Attorney and Mrs. John G. Conway, had died at Madison last evening at 10 o’clock.  The young man was taken down on Saturday evening and during the first two days of his confinement the illness was not considered serious. He grew gradually worse and yesterday but little hope for his recovery was entertained.


The young man was born in this city and was the eldest of the children in the family.  He attended St. Bernard’s school and then entered the Watertown high school from which he graduated with the class of 1915.  As a student he was noted for his natural abilities and the great interest which he took in his studies.


He was not only studious, but researchful and brilliant, and was a member of the Webster Debating club, taking part in many of the oratorical contests.  He also served as vice president and treasurer of the Webster club.  Mr. Conway was chairman of the committee on classes for the High School Orbit in 1915.


He entered the law school, his ambition being to succeed in the profession of his father, and would have graduated with the class in June, 1920, had he lived.  The young man showed a natural inclination for the legal profession and his progress at the University was marked with ease and complacency. He was a member of the Phi Delta Phi society and lived at its home in Madison while attending the university.  His death occurred at the University Infirmary, where he was taken when his illness came upon him.


The remains will be brought to this city and conveyed to the home of his parents this evening at 8:20 o’clock.  Funeral services will be held at St. Bernard’s Church Friday morning at 9:30 o’clock and the interment will be in St. Bernard’s cemetery.  Twelve members of the Phi Delta Phi society will attend the funeral in a body and from their number the pallbearers will be selected.


The deceased was born in Watertown January 31, 1897, and is survived by his parents, a brother, John, and a sister, Mary.


Paul H. Conway was greatly beloved and highly esteemed by all his former schoolmates and friends.  Expressions of deep sorrow were heard from everyone as his untimely death was mentioned in all quarters of Watertown today.  His life was full of a promise that could not have helped but cause fondest anticipations on the part of his affectionate parents, brother and sister.  He possessed a tenderness and enthusiasm that brought to him the friendship of all who came within the circle of his acquaintanceship. 


The bereaved ones have the profound sympathy of all and they will find consolation in the belief that “Death is really the last and final awakening”.



Death of Paul H. Conway


Died of Pneumonia at Madison


Early Wednesday morning our people were pained to hear of the death of PAUL H. CONWAY, son of Attorney and Mrs. John G. Conway, which sad event took place the previous evening at 10 o’clock at Madison.  He was a law student at the University of Wisconsin and on Saturday last he was taken to the university infirmary for treatment for pneumonia, previous to which he had been ailing with a severe cold several days.  Sunday and Monday his illness did not seem to be of a serious nature but on Tuesday a sudden change for the worse took place and he passed from earth at 10 o’clock that evening, his mother being with him when he died. 


Paul was born in Watertown on January 31, 1897.  He attended St. Bernard’s school when a child, and after graduating from that school he attended the Watertown High school, from which he graduated in June, 1915.  The following October he entered the Wisconsin university as a law student, from which he as to graduate in June next.  While attending the Watertown High school he was a member of the Webster Debating society, and took part in many of the society’s debates, and was vice-president and treasurer of the society.  In 1915 he was chairman of the committee on classes for the High school Orbit. 


At the university he made rapid strides in his law work, being possessed of a natural talent for that class of work, and he looked forward with a great deal of pride to his contemplated graduation next June. He was a member of the Phi Delta Phi society and resided at the home of the society in Madison. 


His remains were brought to this city Wednesday evening and taken to the home of his parents, 501 Washington Street, from where the funeral will be held Friday morning at 9:30 o’clock to St. Bernard’s church, thence to St. Bernard’s cemetery for interment.  Twelve members of the Phi Delta Phi society will attend the funeral in a body, and six of their number will act as pallbearers. 


In the death of Paul Conway, Watertown has lost one of its very best young men.  He was a thoroughly trustworthy, honorable young man of a kindly, generous social nature, who had a friend in every one with whom he became acquainted.  He always met you with a smile, and no one could help but feel the better for coming in contact with him.  He was a young man of refinement and the very best of habits, hence he always was welcome in the best society, and he proved himself a companion of more than ordinary interest.  His death is mourned sincerely, and his loss is indeed a great one to the bereaved parents and his young sister and brother.  To them the sympathy of our people goes out in their great affliction, and may the Great Father of all bring peace and consolation to their suffering hearts.


During the war with Germany, Paul served about six months at Camp Greenleaf and was an enthusiast in advocating American ideas and stood ready at all times to do his share in upholding our country’s rights.