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   -          Raymond L. Tessmann was a church builder with Wisconsin Independent Baptist Missionary Grant Rice.  Ray was instrumental in starting and pastoring in a number of churches including, in 1960, Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown.  Began in the basement of his home at 1500 Center St., Watertown, where he was a charter member.  WDT, 08 03 2009   Raymond Tessmann obit


07 21          A special service held here last night marked the signing of the charter of Watertown's newest church - Watertown Calvary Baptist Church. Announcement of the new church was made some months ago. The Rev. George Cable of West Bend was the guest speaker last night. He delivered a challenging message on the subject of “Pattern of Christianity.” The congregation is meeting temporarily at 1500 Center Street, but construction of a permanent meeting place at Spaulding and Prospect Streets is underway.   WDT



03 01          The Calvary Baptist Church, Prospect and Spaulding Streets, plans to construct a new church building this year.  The church has voted to accept plans presented by Alfred Siewert, architect, Milwaukee.  The plans call for the moving of the present unit to be used for educational purposes and a new church edifice to be erected on the corner of Prospect and Spaulding Streets.  This unit will consist of an auditorium, lounge, general office and pastor’s study.  The Calvary Baptist Church was organized three years ago this coming Easter and has been meeting in the present building for two years.  The congregation has grown so that the present building is no longer adequate.  The members of the building committee are Marvin Goetsch, Del Pederson, Bud Wollin, Louis Foerster, Edgar Goetsch.   WDT


08 23          The Calvary Baptist Church, at Spaulding and Prospects Streets, of which the Rev. Charles R. Sanders is pastor and which announced plans for a new building some months ago, on Sunday broke ground for the new edifice. The building will include an auditorium, pastor’s study, general office, nursery and mother’s room. Also, there will be some classroom space provided.   WDT




The Calvary Baptist Church, Prospect and Spaulding Streets in Watertown, will dedicate its new building Sunday.  The regular services of the church will be held as usual with Sunday school at 9:30 o’clock and morning worship services at 10:30 o’clock and the evening evangelistic service at 7:30 o’clock.  The facilities in the new church building include an auditorium which seats 300, a narthex and lounge area, fully equipped nursery, a mother’s room, study and church office, baptistry, Sunday school rooms, a large fellowship hall and a future kitchen.   WDT



07 17       The Rev. Dr. William Lincoln, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown, has announced his retirement after having served 49 years in the ministry.  The occasion will be observed with several activities this weekend.  On Saturday night, Calvary's staff and school faculty will gather to recognize his service at Calvary Baptist Church and School.  A special time of testimony is planned for the Sunday morning Bible School Hour.  The pastor will preach his final message during the 10 a.m. service.  A special recognition service will be held Sunday evening followed by a time of fellowship for the entire church family.  Lincoln and his wife, Barbara, have served four congregations during their 49 years.  They ministered to churches in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana before coming to Watertown, where they are completing their 27th year.  The Lincolns have four daughters, Becky, Beth, Christine and Rachel.   WDT



02 10       Twenty five years ago the members of Calvary Baptist Church had a vision of a new church building.  A building that would comfortably hold the growing congregation.  The new church building, costing approximately $4.6 million to construct, is located at 792 Milford St. and more than meets the needs of the congregation.  Entering the new church building gives a hint of how large it actually is.  The lobby alone is 2,800 square feet and holds 560 people.  Although the lobby is large, the auditorium makes it look quite small.  The auditorium is U-shaped, with rows of pews surrounding a platform in the front center.  The entire building is 34,420 square feet and the capacity of just the auditorium is 1,060 people.  The original church seated a little over 400 people, which brought a schedule of two morning and two night services every Sunday to accommodate the almost 700 members.   WDT article




On Sunday, May 17, Calvary Baptist Church held its annual Blue and White Sunday.  This Sunday is set aside each year to honor those men and women who serve in law enforcement.  The Rev. Dr. Bob Loggans welcomed 50 law enforcement guests as well as the other 500 people in attendance.  The guest speaker for the 9 a.m. service was Chaplain Darryl Sturgill of the Watertown Police Department.  Special recognition was given to Crime Prevention/ D.A.R.E Officer Stacy Schroeder of the Watertown Police Department for her 13 years of dedicated service.  Schroeder was given a plaque and a Bible.  Police Chief Timothy Roets wholeheartedly recommended Schroeder and praised her for allowing “members of the public to see the individual behind the uniform and badge.”



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Maranatha Baptist Bible College offers a full high school curriculum on the campus and has enjoyed rising enrollments at both the high school and college levels.  In addition, the college has a close affiliation with Calvary Baptist Church which operates a Christian elementary school.  As a result, children can be educated in the Baptist philosophy from preschool all the way through a master's degree.




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