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Boughton Street Bridge

Considered same as Labaree Bridge


John Schlueter vividly recalls the Indians that inhabited the city during his boyhood days.  Near Boughton’s bridge there were nearly 100 Indian huts.  He recalls having seen hundreds of squaws with their papooses strapped to their backs, walking through the streets here.  The husband, he says, always rode the horse, while the squaw and the papoose walked along beside. 



09 13          Passable Once More – The hiatus of some thirty feet in the center of the Labaree Bridge has been made good, so that vehicles may pass over with comparative safety.  The construction of a new one as soon as practicable will be indispensable to insure safety to lives and property.  The present one was built over ten years, the timbers of which are much decayed, and cannot be expected to bear up much longer.    WD

11 15          The committee appointed for examining the repairs made on Labaree bridge [Boughton], reported in favor of said repairs , and their report having been adopted, the said committee were discharged, and it was ordered that orders be drawn on the city general fund for balance due to the contractors amounting at $110.00.    A resolution for repairing Boughton bridge was offered by Alderman Werlich and on motion referred to the committee on highways and bridges.   WD



Joseph Boughton, profile of



06 16       Labaree bridge [Boughton] to be repaired by putting a stringer under center of sidewalk and properly secured to keep the plank[s] in their place, also raising and securing one bent [warped plank?] that has settled out of place.



08 18       Committee on Streets and Bridges, report of Boughton bridge construction.   On motion of Ald. Rogan the same was recommitted to ascertain how far the city is liable to the workmen on said bridge.   WD


09 22       Ald. Graves, Chairman of the Committee on Streets and Bridges, reported that the committee had settled with Mr. Boughton upon the following terms:  Five hundred dollars now and forty dollars as soon as he has properly fixed the abutments on each end of the bridge.


Resolved, That an order be drawn on the City General Fund for five hundred dollars in favor of Theodore Prentiss, to apply on the contract of Luther S. Boughton & Son, the said contract have been assigned to the said Prentiss, the order to be drawn payable to bridge contract and in accordance with the accompanying report of the Committee on Street and Bridges, provided that the acceptance of said order by the contractors shall be taken as a waiver by them of all claims against the city on said contract, and for extra work and materials furnished upon said bridge.  Adopted.  WD


10 06       Alderman Graves, Chairman of Committee on Streets and Bridges, reported that he had examined the Boughton bridge, that the abutments were now made as directed by committee, but that Mr. Boughton & Son were not willing to accept $540 in full pay for the bridge, claiming extra pay for girths put in.  No action taken.   WD




   Known to be Watertown.  Likely Boughton St. Bridge, viewed from Riverside Park




A collision of farmer teams occurred Wednesday evening at a point this side of Boughton bridge, where the road is very narrow and the embankment quite high.  It was impossible to learn the names of the farmers, but it is understood that one of them was quite seriously injured.  It was very dark at the point where the collision occurred.  Residents in that section have long wanted a street light at the bridge and the recent occurrence will no doubt bring the matter before the city council at its next meeting.   WL




On Wednesday afternoon we viewed the premises on the north side of Division Street, west of East Avenue [today Dewey Ave], in the 6th ward, and we must say we were greatly surprised that the City Council, on recommendation of the Board of Public Works, had ordered a sidewalk built there.  There is no earthly use for it as ordered by the City Council, for to the northwest and east of the particular walk ordered, on either end of the bridge, there is no sidewalk, and no one resides east on that side who is calling for a walk.  The only house in the district is owned by one of the two property owners that will have to stand the expense, and neither of whom desire the walk.  The travel is all on the other side of the street and there is a walk there as far as East Avenue.  Then again there is no walk on the north side of the Boughton bridge, the walk being on the south side of the bridge.  Right should prevail in the matter and we will wager all that we are worth that 99 out of 100 people viewing the premises will agree with the Gazette in this matter.  Our people are being heavily taxed of late years to carry on public improvements and there has been but little grumbling, but where so heavy a burden is laid on individual taxpayers as the building of this walk near Boughton’s bridge, without any public demand, or where there is no great public benefit, we believe there is just cause for complaint, and the Board of Public Works and City Council, if much of such work is ordered, will meet with just condemnation by our citizens in general.   WG







DISTANT VIEW, from Riverside Park





The Boughton Street Bridge (same as Division Street bridge) near Riverside Park will be closed to traffic starting on June 19 so that workers can rehabilitate the structure.


The bridge work is expected to be completed by July 31.


Some of the improvements include a concrete deck overlay of the bridge structure, asphaltic surface milling, deck milling and prep, and asphaltic surface approaches. The existing bridge rail will remain in place but will be repaired and painted.


The bridge work will cost $181,000 with the city covering 20 percent of the total. The remaining 80 percent will be covered by state and federal funding.


The 213-foot-long bridge was constructed in 1937 and had some deck repairs completed in 1982.









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Boughton St Bridge         1925c, WHS_005_490

Boughton St Bridge         Near old swimming beach




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