ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Charles Blumenfeld

215 E Main, lawyer



11 09       Collector Blumenfeld, has received from Washington a ruling of the treasury department on a question raised by a pop-manufacturer at Watertown who wishes to mix two per cent of alcohol with pop for the better preservation of the product.  It is held that this involves the person who makes such a mixture for sale in liability as a rectifier, and if he sells it he is required to pay special tax also as a liquor dealer.   WR



03 13       On invitation of William Sproesser and Charles R. Blumenfeld the Iroquois Club partook of a "Benedict's luncheon" at the club rooms Saturday evening, to celebrate the recent entry, of these two young gentlemen into the married state.  All the Benedicts, except the "Major", were present, as well as a number of prospective ones and the confirmed bachelors.  Full justice was done the appetizing "spread", after which there were numerous diversions that go to make the enjoyable "stag".  The regular club quartette and another quartette formed for the special occasion "made the welkin ring" with their jolly songs, and altogether the affair was a most happy one.



1906, Son of, saved from path of runaway horse


1908      First Interurban passenger

Attorney C. R. Blumenfeld bought the first ticket sold on the car this morning.



1909, Banquet honoring John Beggs and interurban



Cross References:

Tie to Gaebler family, Hans D. Gaebler reading law in the office of his uncle, C. R. Blumenfeld