ebook  History of Watertown, Wisconsin


Julius Benkendorf


Rough and Ready Flouring Mill


Born in the northern part of Germany Feb. 5, 1831.  He served three and a half years as a soldier in his native country.  He was a member of the famous "Hussars."


Came to Wisconsin in 1857. Engaged in farming in Lebanon until he engaged in the Rough and Ready milling business, which began when he purchased his interest Nov. 1, 1865.


Mr. Benkendorf served as member of the School Board; was a member of the Concordia Musical Society; member of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church, etc.


On April 23, 1859, he married Wilhelmina Arndt.  She was born in Germany.


They had seven children:  Emil, Louisa, Otto, Clara, Julius Jr., Gustav and Ernst.


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