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Another new DVD relating to the Octagon House is available . . .





A Coronet Instructional Film for classroom use


Recording is 22 minutes in length


Recorded in 1958 at the Octagon House
in Watertown, WI, home of the

Watertown Historical Society.


Exterior shots done at the Paul Hibbard

home on Oconomowoc Ave.


The film was made with actors from the Curtain Club,

Watertown's community theater at the time. 

Featured actors include Carl Kolata,

Esther Winogrond, her son Mark Winogrond,

and Margaret Luchsinger, among others.


Duplicated from original video recording to VHS to DVD


Tape introduction contains jitter



Price is $20.00 plus $3.00 for shipping/handling and

can be ordered by contacting the webmaster.